Harry Thompson Tucker: Cricketer’s Wedding

wedding photo group
The wedding party.  Seated at front are Louise Marion Musson and her new husband, Harry Thompson Tucker.  Standing to the right of Harry is his mother, Eliza (Prouten) Tucker.  The man visible over her shoulder is one of her twin sons, either Edmond Lewis or William Prouten Tucker.  The woman with the very large hat just over Louise’s shoulder is the bridesmaid, Miss Eugenie Tucker, Harry’s sister.  At the far left in the front row is another sister, Nellie Ruth Tucker.


cricketers wedding
Portsmouth Evening News (Portsmouth, Hampshire, England), 25 Oct 1905

St. Saviour-on-the-Cliff is located on Queens Road, Shanklin, near Shanklin Chine and the Esplanade.  The newest portion of the building, the baptistry, seen below projecting out to the left, was constructed in 1905, the year that Harry Thompson Tucker and Louise Marion Musson were married.

st saviours on the cliff
Church of St Saviour-on-the-Cliff, Shanklin

Click the following links to listen to the hymns played at the wedding:

The Voice That Breath’d O’er Eden

O Perfect Love

wedding photo
Harry Thompson Tucker and Louise Marion Musson

Horace Mew, the photographer who took their wedding photo, was also a champion swimmer on the Isle of Wight.  During the summers of 1905 and 1906, he made multiple attempts to swim across the English Channel.

channel crossing
Portsmouth Evening News (Portsmouth, Hampshire, England), 24 Jul 1906, p5