The Family Photo Album: Henry Arras family, summer 1914

Arras Family Reunion

This photo of the Arras family was probably taken in the late summer of 1914, based on the ages of the youngest family members.  The background is the exterior of Henry Arras’s home outside Jenera, Hancock County, Ohio.

From left to right across the back row: Oliver Martin Arras, Homer Emmanuel Arras, Helen Arras, Carrie Arras, unknown, Clarence Arthur Arras, unknown, Jacob Rausch (husband of Elvina Arras)

Seated at the top of the stairs are Clara Viola (Smith) Arras, the wife of Oliver Martin Arras, with her son Howard in her lap and son Theron in the middle of the two ladies; on the right is Elvina (Arras) Rausch, holding her son, Woodrow Henry Rausch.

Seated across the bottom of the stairs are Willard Balthasar Arras; Johanna Magdalena (Crates) Arras, holding her youngest son, Theodore Henry Arras; two unidentified children; and George Henry Arras.

Maybe one of you readers out there will be able to identify the unknown individuals.  I’m guessing that they must have been rather close family members to have been included in this photo.

Here are closeups of each of our mystery individuals:

mystery kids arras 1914

mystery man arras 1914mystery woman arras 1914


Any thoughts?


3 thoughts on “The Family Photo Album: Henry Arras family, summer 1914”

    1. Me too, especially the peonies at either side of the bottom of the stairs. They’re my favorite flower.

      I was told that Henry was very interested in the family tree. He and the local pastor wrote a “book” together about the family history, making him one of my favorite ancestors!

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